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david zlesak
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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66258Post david zlesak
Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:03 pm

Hi Chuck!

It is tetraploid. John Davis is triploid as well as a couple others. It seems like some Explorers that are even tetraploid don't set seeds or take pollen from crosses to well. I wonder if the hybrids inherited that.

johannes p
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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66277Post johannes p
Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:44 pm

Quote. "I find that Hazeldean is the only rose that holds its deep yellow pigment, but that's not transmitted
to it's offspring."

Do you remember what the other parents were? Did you have time to do sibling crosses or back ones?
Thanks Johannes.

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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66282Post chuckp
Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:58 am

Hi Johannes,
Good question. I was out harvesting hips yesterday. Since I keep track of my failures as well as my successful crosses.
I couldn't help but noticing on some of the F1 kordesii breeding stock, the intended cross failed and right next to it,
are fat, juicy hips that are open pollinated.
.....So, it's not that ALL of the kordesii derived seedlings are infertile, it's more like what DavidZ stated.

[quote="david zlesak"]Hi Chuck, what were your other parents with 'Rise 'N Shine'? Perhaps the genetics and/or ploidy are enough different with these other parent(s) to limit or impact fertility of the hybrids.[/quote]

Last year I recovered and germinated some of these OP hips. With space at a premium, these are the first to go. I'll
have to rethink this practice. Thanks Johannes.

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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66604Post chuckp
Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:16 pm

Is it just me? Or have others noticed a marked decrease in offspring of roses yellow roses marketed by Kordes?
A cursory search of HMF. Starting around 1995 with the release of Golden Gate.
After quite sometime on the market. They are fewer roses released with these roses registered as their parents.
Golden Gate...................1995
Moonlight......................1995 ( only four seedlings)
Sweet Jane ...................1999
Sunny Sky......................1999
Solero Vigorosa...............2000
Winter Sun....................2001
Crazy Love....................2002

I wonder if Kordes is sacrificing viability and or seed production for disease resistance.

Here are a few earlier yellow roses that exhibit greater fertility, base on the number of offspring.
Golden Holstein..............1989........2 generations
Sunsprite.......................1973.......9 generations
Clare Grammerstorf..........1957......11 generations
My observations may not be limited to Kordes yellow roses, or for that matter yellow roses.
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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66607Post philip_la
Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:57 pm

Chuck, I know some breeders on this forum were using, and recommending, both Lemon Fizz and Sunny Sky as good yellow Kordes parents. I think a lot of breeders aren't really revealing parentage to the extent they used to, and that might account for the lack of parents showing up.

On the subject of some earlier queries, in addition to Golden Holstein, I've read that Shockwave has a good relatively non-fading yellow. Have folks been impressed with its performance as a parent?
Philip F.
Zone 8 / Sunset Zn 30 (Austin, TX -- formerly New Orleans, LA)

Larry Davis
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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66620Post Larry Davis
Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:08 pm

At first I was really impressed by Shockwave. I saw one growing along a highway in our town with minimal care. Hip production was erratic, with few in early years. One year it was loaded and I grew something over 100 seedlings. Beautiful flowers but every single plant was extremely sensitive to our kind of blackspot. Over the following couple years SW itself defoliated badly in its original location. Then it froze to the ground when temp went below 0 F to -10 for a couple nights. Did not have luck with pollen of it though I didn't try many crosses. So I've given up on that one. It did rebound this past summer and produce a good crop of blooms that looked good from the highway. I tried growing it from cuttings and had little success. Got one out of plant out of about 30 cuttings, done 10/yr. One year I put the fall rooted cuttings in a cold storage for a couple months and they chilled out. One year nothing took from fall cuttings which usually do well for me. One year got 2, one of which survived with protection from BS and cold for a couple years but had no vigor. I think it doesn't do well on its own roots in our soil. unlike the things I breed with.

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Re: Yellow roses

Post: # 66622Post philip_la
Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:19 am

Thanks for that info, Larry. I noticed it had Baby Love in its pedigree too, and several years ago everyone was raving about Baby Love lineages. I think the consensus turned to one of, great vertical resistance, not so much on the horizontal, for BL.

I'm now noticing that on HMF, SW only gets a "good" for disease-resistance.
Philip F.
Zone 8 / Sunset Zn 30 (Austin, TX -- formerly New Orleans, LA)

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