Morden Series for health

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david zlesak
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Re: Morden Series for health

Post: # 69040Post david zlesak
Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:25 pm

I'm glad you are going to work with that Ark-op :0). I haven't had the opportunity to use it very much yet, but from my limited experience it is a little challenging to get seeds from either way and is a little better dad. I think it is a little finicky for the right combination that would take, just like R. arkansana, but with the right mom hopefully there'll be good fertility.

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Re: Morden Series for health

Post: # 69145Post mwesson
Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:39 pm

It may be location, but the only seeds I ever got from David's Ark OP were from the pollen of another arkansana hybrid. It stubbornly refused pollen from everything else I tried on it, and I finally lost it a year or two ago. The pollen parent was a cross of Carefree Beauty and an arkansana clone that I got from Larry Davis. If David's Ark OP seedling did have one of his CB seedlings as its pollen parent, that may help explain the compatibility. I still have two seedlings from that cross which haven't bloomed. One went into the ground this winter, while the other is still potted. The only successful cross I can recall offhand using David's seedling as the pollen parent was from its pollen on Cal Poly. I shared OP seeds from my Cal Poly X arkansana hybrid seedling with a few of you in years past, but I no longer have that seedling, just a few descendants from it.


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